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    For grille surrounds (Hawk)

    5/16 and 1/4" is there any place to buy these, or do you have to cut up threaded rod?

    57 Golden Hawk
    Golden, CO
    57 Golden Hawk
    Golden, CO

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    In Torrance, California there is a small place called Lovelady Hardware that has all kinds of fasteners including alot of off the wall weird stuff. If they can't help you you could try Fastenal, a national fastener supplier, but they tend to offer what they carry in very large quantities (like 100 or so). Have you tried SASCO? 1-800-PACHAWK. Dennis is one of the finest gentleman you can meet.

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      I have always had good luck finding things like that at Ace Hardware and locating the drawers of assorted fasteners towards the back of the store. There should be drawers with different lengths and diameters of threaded studs.
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      Omaha, Ne.
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        My choice on my 53 grill surrounds was to buy bolts longer than I needed. Double nut the bolts, cut the heads off with a high speed wheel, dress the cut end on the belt sander, run a thread chaser on to assure good thread, add a drop of Loctite Red to the end, screw it into the surround and remove the double nut. Ready to go.

        I chose this method mainly because 10-24 all-thread is not as readily available and also the uncut end retains the factory rolled thread and makes it easy to start the nuts in the funny places Studebaker chose to have the studs located.



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          I buy three foot lengths of stainless or mild steel all-thread at the hardware store and cut to length

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            Same as JDP. I buy from McMaster Carr over the net.
            Quick delivery -specify FedEx ground.
            I tap the holes first with a bottom tap.

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              no luck finding pre-made studs- just picked up the rods today- ready to start cranking out all thread studs!

              57 Golden Hawk
              Golden, CO
              57 Golden Hawk
              Golden, CO


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                McMaster web site-
                These 26 products match your selections
                Overall Length
                18-8 Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Type
                1/2" 95412A884 $8.16 per Pack of 50
                3/4" 95412A885 10.20 per Pack of 50
                1" 95412A886 12.03 per Pack of 50
                1-1/4" 95412A431 7.03 per Pack of 25
                1-1/2" 95412A887 8.77 per Pack of 25
                2" 95412A889 4.43 per Pack of 10
                2-1/2" 95412A890 4.86 per Pack of 10
                3" 95412A891 6.06 per Pack of 10
                4" 95412A892 7.57 per Pack of 10
                5" 95412A430 3.97 per Pack of 5
                6" 95412A435 4.45 per Pack of 5
                8" 95412A437 6.75 per Pack of 5
                24" 98804A011 3.37 Each
                36" 98847A011 5.07 Each
                6' 98920A011 10.14 Each
                316 Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Type
                1" 90575A350 $0.82 Each
                1-1/4" 90575A353 0.85 Each
                1-1/2" 90575A355 0.88 Each
                2" 90575A358 0.91 Each
                2-1/2" 90575A361 1.16 Each
                3" 90575A364 1.27 Each
                4" 90575A367 1.45 Each
                12" 93250A054 2.92 Each
                24" 93250A430 4.33 Each
                36" 93250A115 5.69 Each
                6' 93250A011 11.38 Each
                64 Champ long bed V8
                55/53 Studebaker President S/R
                53 Hudson Super Wasp Coupe


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                  An even handier solution is to use a stainless steel set screw. They are available from McMaster in about any length or thread size. Then you can use an Allen wrench to turn them in good and tight.
                  Rob in ND
                  \'53 Commander resto-mod (work in process)