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  • 55s
    This is a typical problem. You should also be aware that several people have had hoods fly up because the secondary catch did not work. Some people put an extra rope or catch on it when driving on the highway for peace of mind.

    The "No Touch" approach is to hold the hood latch handle as you are closing the hood. Sometimes, if opened by a interior cable (GTs), the cable is not adjusted properly. Yours, if original, should open from the side grill. I don't believe an inside release was offered as an option.

    Theoretically, it should slide by without touching. You may have to adjust/bend the tab so it doesn't go as far forward. You suggested adding metal. That usually is not necessary. Just be cautious and ensure that the lock and safety catch are fully functional or risk the hood flying up.


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  • bondobilly
    Are you talking about the backwards J hook not fitting in

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  • Gallivan
    started a topic Hawk Hood Latch

    Hawk Hood Latch

    I did a search and it doesn't seem anyone else had this problem-

    the spring loaded loop on the bottom half of the latch/ lock mechanism is tilted too far forward. the hook on the hood wants to crash into it instead of sliding past it.

    I aligned the bottom plate so that the dovetail bolt would hit exactly into the hole- maybe I should have pushed the plate more to the rear?

    There is a tab on the bottom of the spring loaded thing that acts as a stop- I was thinking of adding some metal to it so it stops it from coming too far forward.

    57 Golden Hawk
    Golden, CO