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  • Warren Webb
    Disconnect the battery, then reach under the dash & looking at the back of the switch, push in slightly & rotate counter-clockwise to remove the switch from the bezel. You should have enough room to transfer the wiring to the new switch, although the hood release cable (which isnt on the 62's I believe) might be in the way. As far as the neutral safety switch, I'm not much help, but I'm sure some of the regulars in here will chime in on that! Good going on your repairs & for having such good taste on one of the 60's most beautiful cars made!

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    61 Champ
    62 Daytona convertible
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  • rkspence
    started a topic ignition switch

    ignition switch

    Can someone Please HELP me? I have 62 GT when I bought it it had a push button to start. I turn the key to on and push the button. I have a new switch. Do I have enough room under the dash to take wires off the old and put them on the new so I know they are on right, as I am not an electrician. The neutral switch does not work either, it will start anywhere. The back up lights do work when they are suppose to. I also have read somewhere about putting a fusible link where exactly does it go. Between bat. and starter solenoid or somewhere else? Many questions..But I really don't look forward to this project. Thank You for all your Help as it is deeply appreciated.