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    I wanted to take a moment and thank you all... for those who pass their knowledge to us newcomers of the Studebaker way of life. Sometimes its just knowing you guys are out there and I could ask if I get stuck. Greatly Appriciate all the input and support.
    Now for the success, I recently tuned up my 1948 Land Cruiser that I only had for a few months. The tune up was a great success... Found enough power in the old girl to explode the spider gears of a champion rearend that someone had swapped befor I got her. With the help of some postings in this forum of other members doing swaps, I found a rearend out of a s10 on ebay that was only 40miles away complete drum to drum with e brake cables and 4.10 gear (my broken one had 4.55)close as you can get w/ o.e. parts. I had to buy an adapter from 3/16 to 1/4 brake line and local driveshaft shop had a u-joint that converted from small drive shaft to bigger yoke. Swapped shock mount plates from side to side to get the mounting bolt in the right position and the spring pins to line up. Bolted everything together threw on an old pair of 5x4.75 rims and tires and drove it down the block. I did find a few bugs, e-brake bracket to mount cables will need some more encuragement and I must have knocked a brake light wire loose, the biggest "bug" is my slip yoke is almost bottomed out and I need to have the drive shaft shortened about 1". What I thought would be a months worth of headaches was only an evening of turning wrenches and a few parts from an s10. THANKS TO ALL!!

    Tom Banish
    '48 LandCruiser