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Saginaw Power Steering Pump Help??

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  • Saginaw Power Steering Pump Help??


    First off I would like to apologize because this post is a little off topic but I appreciate any information that can be offered. I am in the process of restoring an antique tractor that has an aftermarket power steering set up on it.
    The power steering pump is a Saginaw and I would like to get new seals and o-rings for it and check out the vanes inside it. I have seen pictures of a Saginaw pump on some models of Studebaker vehicles from websites. My pump looks identical to the pictures that I have seen. Was the Saginaw pump a factory option for Studebaker?
    I have noticed on some Studebaker parts suppliers websites they mention different "types" of pumps. I have seen A,B,C,D,E. Is there any way that I can determine which type of pump I have. I do have some casting numbers off of my pump.

    Once again, I do apologize for this not being directly related to a Studebaker vehicle but I appreciate information from others with more knowledge than myself.


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    Kyle, The Saginaw was not a popular part for Stude, so not very many pieces are around. For O-rings go to a Harbor Freight they have O-rings in kits for about $6.00. If you are around a big city there are supply houses that have seals of various sizes that go by the shaft diam. and the outer size of housing that they go in. OD and ID. And thickness. It would of been helpful if you would have put in a pic. of what you needed or the years of the Stude parts that you have seen, or the year of your tractor.


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      Saginaw power & manual steering was/is widely used by Mopar, Ford & GM on various vehicles over the last 60+ years. The boxes are usually identified by 3 digits, say 'Saginaw 525' etc. usually cast into the box, may include letters.

      Might want to check at the links. First is Tech related on rebuilding, second is parts & service. Steer & Gear is very well respected and I've never heard any complaints regarding them. Said to be a very reputable company. They stock seals & bearings.

      NAPA Auto Parts stocks many Saginaw parts such as seals & bearings. You'll need the box type and maybe cross reference that to match to a vehicle with an internet search. I got bearings & seals for a '67 Dodge Saginaw manual steering box from NAPA.

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      Columbus, OH 43227


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        Thanks for the info. I guess that I should have given a little more information. The pump is actually on a 1949 Massey Harris tractor but would have been added at a later date. The info that I have seen talked about a Saginaw pump being used on some '55-'56 Studebaker products. I am not knowledgeable at all on Studebaker vehicles so I am just trying to decipher what I see on the net. I have tried to attach a picture of what I have.


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          Save for the pulley and bracket, that looks very similar to one used on a Stude, but later than the one used on my '55 Commander. That one has a fitting for the return in the pump body, not the reservoir like the one you picture. I disassembled mine and cleaned/painted/reassembled it; believe it or not the old seal and O-rings were still OK and the only gaskets I had to replace were the ones for the base of the reservoir. I cut those myself with a razor blade and some gasket punches out of the thickest cork gasket paper I could find, and reinstalled. There are metal washers that go in the gasket to control the gasket crush. My vote would be to simply disassemble it, clean it well, and reinstall it, definitely replacing the reservoir to pump body gaskets but only the seal and o-rings if you think it is necessary. I believe that if you could find a seal and o-ring kit for a Stude saginaw P/S pump it would likely work on yours, but I can't say that with 100% confidence.


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          55 Commander Starlight


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            That unit looks like the one I installed on my '53 that came from a '57 Hawk (different pulley and bracket tho). I have seen an identical looking one on a '57 Cadillac too. The earlier pumps used by studebaker had the return hose going into the pump body and not the reservoir like this.

            I bought what I thought was a near identical one as a swap meet for $5 for parts once as well as some old stock rebuild kits. When I tore into them, I found out the internals were not identical. There were differences in the O-rings and the shaft seals. I suspect the parts pump was from a GM application. In the end, I was able to use the shaft seal from the kit but got new O-rings at a local industrial bearings supply place (Bearings & Drives). The parts pump did come in use since the center section that the vanes run in was corroded in the pump I was rebuilding and I was able to swap it out.

            If your pump is like the ones I took apart, the shaft seal is a pretty ordinary looking lip seal much like one on a transmission tailshaft only smaller. Should have a number on it. The O-rings can be matched up. Those are pretty large in size but a smaller cross section as I recall and might not have anything in those assortment kits that matches.

            Hope this helps.

            Jeff in ND

            '53 Champion Hardtop

            Jeff in ND


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              Thank you all very much for taking the time to respond to a person in need. I will take all the advice and information into consideration as I am working on my pump.