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62 gt frame/steering newb questions

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  • 62 gt frame/steering newb questions

    I'm going to use the frame from this 62 GT for my 53 coupe and I have some questions.
    1. Will be using an LT1/4L60E, 355 posi - will this be strong enough, as is, or should I plan on beefing it up?
    2. I had hoped to use the steering box and column, but it is a Ross and I've heard negatives. Suggestions?
    3. What the heck is that attached to the pitman arm? Can someone explain how hydralics on that arm would do anything?

    oops, pic didn't work - I'll try again

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    It's the same combination that I have under my Speedster. I do not have power steering.

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      It would be best to have a diagram to use to explain the operation of the power steering control valve but I will try to do so without one.

      The control valve is basically what you would call a spool valve. This valve assembly is attached in-line with the drag link. There are 4 hose connections. One of these is the pressure line from the power steering pump. Two of the lines go the the hydraulic cylinder that supplies the power assist. Pressure on one side of the clyinder extends the rod, pressure on the other side retracts the rod. When the rod extends it provides assist in turning the wheels to the right and when it retracts it provides assist for turning the wheels to the left.

      Now back to the control valve. On the end of the pitman arm (the arm attached to the steering box) is a ball that fits into a pair of sockets in the valve assembly that retain the ball. Moving the steering wheel pushes on one halve of the socket which in turn pushes the spool in the valve on way or the other. A set of springs centers the valve so that when there is no steering force on the valve.

      When the spool valve is displaced it allows hydraulic fluid to flow to one side of the hydraulic cylinder. As the cylinder starts to move the wheels draglink also moves and closes the valve. Thus the cylinder only gets pressure while you are turning the wheel. As soon as you stop moving the wheel the cylinder is no longer powered. The other thing that happens when the valve opens is that it allows fluid from the unpowered side of the cylinder to flow through the valve to the return side.

      One other point is that the only force required by the driver is to overcome the spring force in the valve and of course and friction in the steering column and gearbox. You can change the feel of the system by changing the springs in the valve.

      This system is what you would call a hydraulic servo system and the valve is often called a servo valve.

      Sorry about the lack of illustrations to help with the understanding but you should be able to find something in the shop manual.

      David L
      David L


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          Thanks David, you identified the part, without me getting the picture up. I understand your explanation. Quite an ingenious setup, I'd never heard of that type of power steering before. (the knowledge on the board is amazing).
          So, what are the opinions? Should I attempt to use this setup (hoses were cut when the engine was pulled) or look for a better setup?
          Klifton1 - Sounds like your the guy I need to talk to. When you say, same setup... frame, engine, trans, posi? My goal is to make it drive like a new car, No shuttering over rail road tracks, no frame twist and wheel hop on launch, etc. So I will reinforce the frame, if necessary.
          Are you running the stock front suspension? Which steering box? Can your wife drive it?
          Thanks for the help guys. don

          San antonio TX. 53 Champion Coupe, to be brought back from the dead.
          "Of course it will fit, I have a torch"


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            the hoses are available, and if the box is still tight that is an acceptable setup. The ross boxes didn't last long in manual steering apps due to high friction, but with P/S they should be OK as the power assist is actually on the bellcrank, taking the load off the steering box internals.


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