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    i pulled my whole engine apart cause i had to put a new flywheel in so i desided to go though the motor i have a full gasket set for the whole motor and was wondering when i go to put the new head gaskets on after the heads and block are clean what it the best way to put them on with or with out some sort of rtv or leave them dry.


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    I always use COPPER COAT in a can shake it up real good and brush it on.

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      I never use anything but a thin coat of grease.. never had any problems.[]

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        Most Permatex brand gasket sealers will work fine. HOWEVER, [u]NEVER</u> use that RTV Silicone on anything that has contact with gasoline, or runs as hot as a head gasket, it is NOT recommended for Head Gaskets, Exhaust Manifolds or fuel systems, and says so on the label. It does work great for water connection Gaskets, Pan Gaskets (only if used very sparingly) and Valve Cover Gaskets.

        The spray can Permatex Copper-Coat is good, some people use Aluminum Silver Paint, etc, etc. even dry, but I definitely do NOT recommend that! [:0]

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          Third vote for Copper Coat.
          Clean all surfaces with alcohol, brake clean or laquer thinner first.



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            Add me to the list of Permatex Copper spray. I use it on all head gaskets unless I use Fel-Pro blue gaskets.


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              A side note to using RTV on hot surfaces which I also never do. I have Sanderson headers on mine which use no gaskets at head or collector.
              Their instructions said use high temp RTV after wiping with acetone. I was skeptical but after 8300 miles, no leaks.