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  • Transmission cooling

    Hi folks, sorry to ask a question already addressed. I used the Search feature and couldn't get an answer I understood.

    Simply: on a stock '58 Commander auto trans will the tranny be cooled by a fluid-cooling tank in bottom of radiator? I've been confused by the references to 'air cooled' never having heard this in relation to other transmissions or vehicle make. Thanks for info!

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    Air cooled means exactly that- no cooler lines from the transmission to the bottom of the radiator or an aftermarket cooler mounted in front of the radiator. The "air cooling" comes about by using a number of sheetmetal fins spotwelded to the torque converter, there will be an enlarged opening in the bell housing- to take in cooler air and expell heated air. I think that it is not the best way to solve the heating problem, fluid needs to be changed more often to keep it from degrading. It was used as a cheaper solution than using a radiator tank mounted cooler. Some heavy duty read police or taxi or high performance vehicles had them for good reason. Lou Cote [8D]


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      Thanks for the info! I was skeptical when I first heard it, didn't like the sound of it.

      A well established fact that the #1 enemy of an automatic transmission is heat. I think I'll try to find out where to tap in to mount my B&M tranny cooler lines and get some better insurance with that.


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        It requires a Heavy Duty Transmission CASE, to have the proper pressure output location and tapped fitting location. I do not think the return would be as big a deal, but useless without a Pressure source.

        Try keeping level full, and changing the converter and the main case oil at 10,000 miles and you will be fine.

        quote:Originally posted by JimmieD

        I think I'll try to find out where to tap in to mount my B&M tranny cooler lines and get some better insurance with that.

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          Thanks, fellas! I guess I'll have to wait 'til I get her home and do some crawling around. Possibly it has that trans. He seemed to think it is a bigger Packard engine, not sure here, but he's a hot rodder so who knows, so it might have an HD trans also... :~ )

          See the present owner is giving it to me, however he needs some work done at his place so he's waiting to get his end fulfilled. Could probably pick it up anyway but best to do it by the book.

          Thanks again!