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Climatizer for 50 Champion-dash mount, liquid valv

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  • N8N
    along the same lines, I bought a similar product to use as a dryer vent at my local Big Box. I suspect it might also be suitable for a Climatizer installation - I'd already bought and installed the heavy rubber stuff from a vendor already however. For the dryer vent, it works a heck of a lot better than the typical dryer hose. (I used two elbows to hook it up, and the semi-rigid aluminum flex duct for the straight run. Really cuts down on restriction and lint buildup.) Also the expensive foil type duct tape works great for sealing up ductwork - a heck of a lot better than what is commonly known as "duct tape."


    55 Commander Starlight

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  • Lothar
    I was able to get some good heavy-duty aluminum 4" duct from a HVAC dealer. Much better than the original cloth duct or dryer duct.

    1950 Champion 4 Dr.
    Holdrege NE

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  • rkapteyn
    The 526611 heater control valves are unique to the 1950 cars,both Champion
    and Commanders.
    I stock these at $90.00 N.O.S. in original Studebaker boxes.
    $5.00 shipping to US addresses.
    Robert Kapteyn

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  • BobGlasscock
    If anyone comes up with the heater core, I'd take one. I can get the part number if wanted. Thanks.

    '50 Champion, 1 family owner

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  • 54-61-62
    Defroster will work up to 55. I'd have to go look and compare the heater blower motors and other parts. Send me a email, I may be able to help out with parts.


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  • Climatizer for 50 Champion-dash mount, liquid valv

    I now have most of the heating and defrosting parts to install all in my 1950 Champion. I still need the dashboard mounted heater control liquid valve/thermostatic control. Anyone have one? price?