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50 Stude front end discs?

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  • 50 Stude front end discs?

    hi, trying to decide what to do about front brake update on 50 champ six, getting another engine.

    I think as an engineer the stude designed front end itself looks pretty good, but may be I am wrong; Any issues i should know of? the Turner kit only fits 53 up (?) and Mr Turner told me maybe 53-X(?) spindles fit the 50, but kingpins might be different diameter,he was not sure if this all goes together.

    Any comments or experience here is welcome to me; I have another Stude w mustang 2 front, don't want to go through all that unless absolutely no other way.

    Related , a quick look shows lots of tie rod links, looks a little complex. I recently put Toyota power steering in a 57 Ford pickup, came out great , and it has one straight link wheel to wheel, but solid axle; that would not work with control arms . Any comments on power steering into this Stude design also welcome. Thanks in advance guys..

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    It would probably be a lot less hassle, cheaper and easier to upgrade to the very good 1954 to 1966 Drum Brakes, either the 9in. front with 10 in. rear Champion type or the 11 in. Front with 10 in. Rear Commander type.
    You even could use the 289 Engine equipped type for V-8's with finned Drums.
    Does a Champion really accelerate fast enough or go fast enough to need Disc Brakes? I never had the need for them, or power brakes or a dual Master Cylinder on the '54 to '63's I have owned.

    The whole system needs to be changed except the Master Cylinder, but it does not require modifying anything, just bolt it on. [^]

    StudeRich at Studebakers Northwest -Ferndale,WA
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner