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Edelbrock conversion

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  • StudeRich
    replied buy a 2 Brl. Manifold that has been converted by one of our members to AFB size 4 Barrel, to get the BEST flow, performance and economy! [^]

    StudeRich at Studebakers Northwest -Ferndale,WA

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  • sbca96
    The spacer will work, but if you CAN do it, I would recommend taking
    the manifold to a shop with a mill, and opening up the rear holes. If
    memory serves, the fronts are also closer together. I bought a grind
    bit for my low speed drill and a can of WD40 and opened it up myself.
    It took a while, but it worked. To get the full benefit of the large
    rears, you need to open up the manifold.

    It WILL still work with just the spacer. I remember seeing adapters
    to "jog" the holes over, so that air/fuel flow isnt effected by that
    difference in hole spacing/size. I dont know if they still exist.


    '63 Avanti, zinc plated drilled & slotted 03 Mustang Cobra 13" front disc/98 GT rear brakes, 03 Cobra 17" wheels, GM alt, 97 Z28 leather seats, soon: TKO 5-spd, Ported heads w/SST full flow valves, 'R3' 276 cam, Edelbrock AFB Carb, GM HEI distributor, 8.8mm plug wires

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  • 64V-K7
    The rear barrels on the Edelbrock are a larger diameter than the manifold, but the 1/2" spacer will accommodate this, so nothing needed there. The choke stove, on the manifold, will have to be closed off if you're using an electric choke.

    A couple other issues tho, the air cleaner won't fit the newer Edelbrocks and the throttle linkage rod should be used in the large diameter hole, so a filler slug has to be fabricated.

    Bob Johnstone
    55 President State Sedan
    64 GT Hawk
    70 Avanti (R3)

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  • mjeansonne
    started a topic Edelbrock conversion

    Edelbrock conversion

    I have an Edelbrock Carb that I want to substitute for the Carter WCFB on the 62 Hawk. My question is whether the intake manifold needs to be converted in any way to accept the Edelbrock other than using a spacer between the manifold and the carb? I don't know because I haven't removed the Carter yet.

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