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M5 hot rod, Ford 460

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  • M5 hot rod, Ford 460

    I know this may be blasphemy to some of ya'll, but I'm rebuilding my greatgrandfather's 47 M5 and I stumbled across a good deal on a Ford 460. I don't have my measurements nearby and I'm trying to figure if the 460 will fit without extensive work.

    long block is 34x27x30 (lwh)

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    I doubt if you'll find anyone here that has done that exact swap.

    ANY swap is going to be extensive work...especially in an M5. The engine compartment is rather tiny. I had a Chevy V8 in mine and it is real tight...a 460 even tighter.

    It also depends upon what you're going to do with the steering and front suspension and brakes. I sure wouldn't leave them stock with a 460 in there [:0].

    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA

    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA


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      Dick's right. I dummied up a 460 with a
      C-6 in my M-5. Why? Cause I had it.
      Without removing the inner fender panels
      and core support, it won't go. Then as
      was stated, it's too heavy. On the other
      hand, a 2.3 4 cyl ford and auto. make a
      nice swap. using a vega or other early
      chev. power strg box. with stock brks
      and suspension.

      Tex E. Grier


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        thanks guys... thats what i needed to hear.

        (my wife thanks you as well)


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          Me and my son are doing a 53 with a small block G.M. and we changed out the frame and went later model with disc brakes and suspension to handle the added power. We're not just looking at power but a truck that will handle and we can enjoy driving as a every day driver.

          you can make anything fit if you try hard enough but that don't mean your going to be happy with how it drives after your done. If you want that 460 in there you need to upgrade the brakes and suspension. you'll find the 460 is far to heavy for the stock brakes and suspension to handle it with much grace.


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            As an owner of a 88 F-250 with a 460, I would say that there has to be a better match for your pickup. The 460 is a big, slow turning engine, that has a very truck-like feel. Mine is coupled with 5 speed stick, which makes it feel even more truckish. If you want lots of power and torque for towing, then it's a good match. But be prepared to get 10 mpg at best, no matter how tender you are on the pedal. I think a smaller, lighter motor would suit you well.

            Rob in ND
            \'53 Commander resto-mod (work in process)


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              Thanks for the thoughts guys.. This is my first hotrod to build and I didn't want to jump in too far over my head.

              since most of ya'll have mentioned not using stock suspension and such i'll give you a rundown of what I have goin through my head.

              Fatman IFS
              stout 350 or larger (within reason which i suppose means no 460)
              Auto trans
              mostly stock interior with the exception of AC and new gauges.

              I'm not goin for perfect show quality but somethin that I ain't afraid to drive and will still get a good look.

              something like this but in dark green and with colormatched wheels and baby moons with wide whites


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                If ya gotta go ford, then I'd opt for a small block with injection and automatic overdrive. You would still be able to steer the truck and the overdrive would alleviate some of the rpm stress with that low geared rearend. I bet an aerostar gas tank would fit in the original location for the high pressure in tank pump. Those 5.0's are pretty long but the commander (big six) radiator mounts in front of the support, solving that problem. My 49 weighs under 3,000 pounds so I can't imagine getting the 460 power to the ground.


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                  As far as suspension goes you can't beat my aerostar conversion I sell on ebay.


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                    3k? thats almost as light as my civic. I thought they were much heavier than that. Like in the 4.5-5k range.

                    I'm not dead set on ford. I'd much rather have a chevy but I had just found that 460 for a good price and thought about it.


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                      I have about 12,000 miles on my resto-rod M with a fatman's suspension, 259 Studebaker V8 built with recommendations from Ted Harbit, TH350 GM automatic transmission, Master Power brake pedal and power brake set up, and so forth. It is quick, handles well, and will run 80 MPH on the freeway all day long. Why not be different--put a Studebaker engine in it. Go to to see what they are capable of.

                      I can recommend the Fatman's front end, it works excellent and installed as advertized. I have no experience with the Aerostar conversion, but have never heard anything bad, either, which is a good sign. I think somebody on this forum (Mr. Biggs, maybe?) has tried one and it wouldn't hurt to check around. The one thing I would do different is use an overdrive transmission for better mileage.

                      Hope this helps