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Lark v8 one barrel

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  • Lark v8 one barrel

    I just got this car and got it running today. Had to hot wire it because there's no key. No gauges. I want to put in a mechanical temp gauge. Where should I put the sensor unit on the block? I couldn't find the original location for the electrical sending unit. Can't I just use the same place? Where is it?

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    It should be on the back off one of the heads. Probably an orange wire.



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      Back of the drivers side head.


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        Thanks guys, you know your Lrks. I just went outsidee with a flashlight and found an orange wire behind the driver's head. Looks awfully tight to get a mechanical sensor in there and I couldn't tell what size the hole is for the sensor. Is it possible? I noticed that full forward on the passenger side of the block is a 11/16 or 3/4 bolt head below the head. Any idea what's behind it and if a mechanical sending unit would fit in there? I was told that the car overheats. When I took the radiator out to flush it a ton of acorns, leaves and rust flakes came out. I flushed the block out after removing the water pump. After a test drive radiator thermometer showed 150- 160. Maybe I don't need a gauge anymore!


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          Sounds like you might need a thermostat. I do not like the idea of running without one. Need to slow the water flow down a bit, and the thermostat does that. I believe the "bolt" you are talking about is the oil pressure relief plunger and spring. The sending unit for the water temperature comes out easily, even though it looks a little tight.
          If the engine still shows signs of overheating, you may need to pull the freeze plugs, and block drains, on the sides of the engine, and flush the crud out of the block. Nasty job, but really helps.


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            Thanks, Chuck. I never run cars without thermostats and I checked this one out before I reinstalled it- working fine opening at 180. Like I said the flushing of the block with a pressure hose and the waterpump removed allowed a good flushing on both sides of the block until the water ran clean. And the test drive after showed no over heating. By the way I have some water soluable oil to add to the cooling system. How much do you add? I live in a warm coastal climate and don't need the antifreeze but still want to keep the water pump lubricated. I remember that there used to be a Mac's water pump lubricant additive but I haven't seen it in the stores in a long time.


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              If that is pure Soluble oil, about 6 OZ. should be fine, but as it coats the block and heads you can check after 500 miles or a week or two, if it is losing it's white color add a little more, it is very concentrated stuff.

              By the way, if you have a V-8, you'll find that it is a 2 Brl. only 6's have one barrel Carbs. [:0]

              StudeRich at Studebakers Northwest -Ferndale,WA
              Second Generation Stude Driver,
              Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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                StudeRich, thanks for the info. You know in spite of all the acorns in the throat of this carb I never was able to get a good look in it until I removed the hood, scrambled on top of it and got a good look. This sure is one of the smallest two barrels I've seen. I've got a couple of one barrel carbs on my 6's that are bigger!
                By the way I can still see some acorns in there. I think they're improving the car's performance! I'll see if I can't vacuum them out of there.