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Front crankshaft seal

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  • N8N
    I assume you're talking about the felt washer in the second picture? That has to be replaced with the timing cover off, there is a metal retainer that holds it to the backside of the timing cover. You might as well replace it if you have the TC off, and also you might want to drill a small hole in the retainer at a little bit above 6 o'clock so that the oil that soaks into the felt can slowly drip back into the crankcase instead of out around the hub.


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  • vegas paul
    started a topic Front crankshaft seal

    Front crankshaft seal

    I am replacing a few gaskets, and purchased the Timing Cover & Front Crankshaft Seals Kit from Studebaker International. Here it is:

    In addition to the cover gasket and plate gasket, it includes a front crankshaft seal. (see picture in above link). Neither my shop manual or parts manual exploded diagram indicates this part anywhere. Where does it go? Is it only used when installing the crankshaft for a new build or is it installed with the timing cover off (I assumed that's why its in the kit).

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