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bumper guard question leads to fog light question

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  • bumper guard question leads to fog light question

    ok, so I'm putting the bumper guards that a PO removed back on the bumpers to my '52 landcruiser when I realize that the 2 of the 4 larger ones have a hole drilled out of the top... baffling... so I did a quick "bumper guard" search on the group here and I think I have deduced that the holes are there for fog light mounting? so I run to the web to find pics of landcruisers with bumper guards and/or foglights... couldn't find a pic of a 50's land cruiser with fog lights, but looking at the position of the outer/larger bumper guards, if the holes are for fog lights, and the lights mount on top of the guards, wouldn't the fog lights end up almost in front of the headlights?

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    No it was not for Fog Lights, it was for the Optional Accessory Bumper Overriders (Grille Guards)! [:0]

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      Thank you! That would make a LOT more sence!!!!

      I guess I'm dangerous with the search feature!!!
      Could you imagine me mounting fog lights in front of my headlights... WOW!!!