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Overdrive Solenoid

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  • Overdrive Solenoid

    Hi one more time. All of you guys have been a big help! I would like to impose on your expertise one more time though. I am trying to find an overdrive solenoid for my 1950 Land Cruiser (Commander 6 with 3 spd OD). My book says it is part # 521429. Could any of you tell me which years if any fit this and will work. Thanks in advance and best regards!!!

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    Hi Charlie, My '47-'50 Chassis parts catalog shows 1947 to 1950 all Champions and all Commanders get the 521429. 1951 to 1955 should also be the same. Good luck, these are hard to find and pricey.

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      They are right, Charlie. Those are hard to find and pricey.

      (Note: I'm editing this because I thought you said "Relay" when you actually asked about the solenoid).

      For the solenoid, try an eBay search in eBay Motors\Parts and Accessories, with the following search criteria:
      (solenoid, sil*oid, sel*oid) (overdrive, od)

      But for an overdrive relay, read the next paragraph, if yours needs to be replaced.

      As a very viable alternative, you can have one that works the same, connects the same, looks the same on the outside, but has a newer, more solid-state relay on the inside, if you read this Help page on Chuck Collins' website:


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        I've got several, Charlie. E-mail me.

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