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Fuel Pump Problem

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    In case of a NLA pump that just can't be sourced there's another trick that can work. Purchase an electric pump and place it close to fuel tank. Pumps develop far more head pressure than suction pressure. Leave the old mechanical pump in place. Often this will allow a good high pressure fuel flow that is then metered by the mechanical pump. Though mechanical pump can't provide the needed pressure it can meter the fuel delivery to help avoid flooding or over-pressurization of carb inlet needle.

    If that fails to work then it's easy to fab up or buy a block off plate for mechanical pump and you would have had to install electric and block off plate anyway. Where electric pump pressures exceed carb needs [without mechanical in place to meter presure] pressure regulators are available or a simple inline valve can modulate pressure by restricting flow.

    Beware that some e-Pay 'Holley' fuel pressure regulators are not that at all, but are junk Chinese copies. Best to buy from a reputable vendor.