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'61 President?

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  • '61 President?

    Hi folks, first post, first Stude!

    Just did some swapping for a supposedly '61 Studebaker. That's about sum total of knowledge of car: 4dr sedan, looks exactly like the late 50's President, V8, automatic, power nuthin'. Saw other posts that say there's no such thing as a '61 President, model name dropped years before. Owner has a lot of cars & trucks, easy to fade on the correct year but he said '61.

    Other than paperwork which I heven't seen yet, how to identify what I have?

    How to identify which engine/trans?

    Any guess-timates on V8 2bbl mileage figures?

    The carb looks unusual: 2bbl, but has a piece on inlet throat that angles 90* to rear, horizontal instead of vertical venturi. Ideas? He thought engine was 400 some cubes. Could be another brain fade there...

    Don't think it's a Packard car, sure it's a Studebaker car.

    Perfect body, perfect re-pop interior, fresh paint, 100% complete, supposedly runs fine but some carb overflow problem. Nice clean car to use for occasional.

    Thanks for any info!



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    BTW: I tried to do a search on President but unfortunately the forum software hits on every word in a post including sigs or else title only. That means that it displays every single signature reference to president instead of only message body. Type in President search and you'll get a hit on every single post Mr. Biggs has made, like 10,000, because President is in signature. Also shows every other post with sigs of President. Makes it diffucult or at least rather time consuming :~ )


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      Welcome JimmieD,
      Got to the main page of this forum and click on Members Studebakers. There alot of them in there. That will help you identify the model.



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        Thanks, Gordon!


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          Go to Google- images, and type in Studebaker President. Lots of pictures will appear (34,000+).. scroll through until you find one that looks like yours..

          Specializing in Studebaker Restoration

          Specializing in Studebaker Restoration


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            Jimmie; it sounds like you may have gotten a 1956 or 1957 President Sedan with a 289 V-8 and correct rear draft (top) Bendix Stromberg Type WW 2 Brl.

            To know what year it really is, just give us the serial number from the forward drivers' door post, "I"'s = 1's.

            Also the Body Number tag on the right side of the engine side of the firewall will tell you (us) the year and body type.

            What body style is it? 2 dr. Sedan, 4 Door Sedan, Long Wheelbase President Classic with opening rear vent windows.

            It isn't a Sport Coupe or Hardtop is it? As in a '55 President or '56-'64 Hawk?

            Studebakers Northwest
            Ferndale, WA
            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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              Thanks again!

              Headed over right now to get numbers off of it. Sure looks like the '57-'58 Presidents, he may have stumbled the year. Yes, Stromberg carb. I'll get all the info I can, maybe even paperwork.

              Wish it was a Sport Coupe, but it's a 4 door sedan. I'll check the rear wing windows while I'm there, maybe snap a couple of pics. Not reassembled since pre-paint stripping. Found another stude in Member rides that's the same color, a medium turquoise.

              Thanks guys, back soon!



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                Got another look at the car and found the insignia, removed to paint it: COMMANDER!

                Underhood Body Tag says 58B-W4 and 3767 below that. Ideas? Im thinking now it's a '57-'58?


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                  That is definitely a 58 4 door sedan, the 3767th body tub to leave the weld shop. The four after the W is indicative of the trim level, but I don't have that information. Commander means it had a V8 engine, but you know that.

                  Tom Bredehoft
                  '53 Commander Coupe (since 1959)
                  '55 President (6H Y6) State Sedan
                  (Under Construction 528 hrs.)
                  '05 Legacy Ltd Wagon
                  All Indiana built cars


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                    Hey, that's one step closer, buddy, thanks! After cruising this forum and others I began to suspect that it wasn't a '61 as described.

                    Again today he said the motor was a "...400..." so not sure if mistaken identity or a bored out 352 or what. Seems an over-bored 352 wouldn't get a 2 bbl Stromberg WW, which it has.

                    Oh, and StudeRich: rear wing windows solid, non-opening. Oh, and it has that cool whirling-top speedo!

                    Darned thing is growing on me, like a blasted kid with a new toy....


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                      Way cool JimmieD
                      These Studes do grow on you really quick. Sounds like your going to have a blast with this Commander. If you could get the engine # the people on this forum will ID it for you. As you look at the engine. On the right hand side of the oil fill tube in the front. There is a machined pad that has the engine number. Hope this helps. Oh yeah, can't wait for some pics.[8D]



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                        Great, I'll see it again tomorrow and try to get the number! The car is in really fine condition for the year, with 97K miles and from Cali so hopefully 'Rust Free'. He said he drove it quite a lot so I'm real hopeful and he's quite honest. Also it has had some good quality resto work done, new seats & excellent paint job in an original Stude color, or real close.

                        Fact is I've loved Studes for years and years, considering them one of the finest American cars ever made, and that consistently! Few other vehicles can claim so correctly: 'Ahead of its time!' and they had the moxie to back up the good looks if a guy new what to check on the order form!

                        In my opinion if Raymond Lowey '52 Starliner Coupes with updated drivetrain were offered today you couldn't keep them in stock! Same with several other milestones Studebakers. PROUD owner here! If I don't watch it this could get out of hand quick :~ )

                        BTW: seems like some real nice folks around here which is another plus!


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                          W 4 means it is a 4 door custom series, just below the regal, which was the top of the line for that body style. All the best with your new toy & once again, welcome to the club! Keep us all informed with pictures if possible & don't hesitate if you have any questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

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                            Thanks for the further tip!

                            I find it interesting that though it's a mid-level trim it has no power steering, no power brakes, 2bbl V8 and no noticeable options except automatic trasnmission & radio. Of course times have changed for what 'Luxury' is and we were formerly more easily pleased!

                            Works for me for an occasional driver & lots of fun without the worries of a valuable full resto trailer queen [though I see the need for 100% restorations!].

                            I imagine 20mpg is easily possible if not much more? Should be....


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                              Great find Jimmie! In a '58 Commander, the engine if ORIGINAL will not be any surprise because the only (normal) engine option was 4 Brl. Carb. and or Dual Exhausts, they are all 259 c.i. a loooong way from 400 cubes!

                              Just because it LOOKS like a 392 Cadillac or big Olds V-8 does not mean it IS that big INSIDE! The FO is one of many, that has fooled! [:0]

                              Did you notice yours looks almost EXACTLY the same as the Brown & White '58 President Classic with a Pic, that you posted here about his tail lights? Except for it's long rear doors with vent windows and the full bullet fin design, better trim etc. Commanders only have a half bullet, like a Silver Hawk vs Golden Hawk.

                              Updated for you Jimmie, since you misunderstood this before!

                              StudeRich -Studebakers Northwest Ferndale, WA
                              Second Generation Stude Driver,
                              Proud '54 Starliner Owner