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    Last weekend I purchased a lot of parts left over from the street rodding of a 41 Champion. Two I can't identify. The first is a radiator that is NOT for a Champion. It is a McCord D41 and it is about 50% larger than a Champ radiator (core is 20" X 23 1/2" and 3" thick). Is this for a Commander or President? Or something else entirely? There are some pictures here:

    The second problem is an overdrive tranny. The parts book shows several part numbers based on rear axle ratio. I am not sure why since the gears were the same. Is there any way from the markings on the transmission to tell which it is? It is marked T-84G-1A and has a small plate screwed to it with "M-4" on it. The link above has pictures of this as well.

    Thanks for your help!