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    The front of my 63 Hawk is about 2" lower than the rear. Hawk's are known to be front heavy. i tried coil spacers but only realized about a third of the difference. I'm thinking of replacing the coils, after all-fourty-five years of carrying around that big block, i'm guessing it's time. My problem is that, the coils offered by Studebaker intl. are termed "heavy duty". I'm not so much concerned about the ride as i am about having the front raised to much. Anyone who has experience with these new coils, i'd love to hear from. thanks

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    Get your front springs from Phil @Fairborn Studebaker.. I have used them on at least 7 cars and like the ride-height they achieve. They start a bit high... but settle nicely.

    Specializing in Studebaker Restoration
    Specializing in Studebaker Restoration


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      Also remember (as has been noted here many times) that Studes started out with a nose-high attitude, moreso than you'd think. So you might have a little more elevation than you expect no matter what style springs you use.


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