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  • Identification help

    Thanks for the assist. I found this air cleaner assembly inside the trunk of my 53 Commander Starlight Coupe. From pictures I have seen, this is not correct for this car. I am not going to use it, but if sold I would certainly like to know how to describe it. If the Studebaker experts could tell me...I would appreciate it.


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    In the picture it's laying upside down. This is an oil bath air cleaner; superior to the dry air filter we usually see. Both were available and the oil bath cleaners were usually in vehicles shipped to dustier climates. My 53 Commander Coupe has a dry air filter so I don't know if this is the correct one for 53 or not. If you turn it rightside up does it fit? The body should rest on the passenger side rocker cover. It looks to me like it could be correct.

    The label on it was a decal, not a part number and should say United Oil Bath Air Cleaner. It was made for Studebaker by United Specialties Co. Chicago, Ill. Replacement decals are available.

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      Thanks for the updates. I did know that it was an oil bath. I have no engine or trans for the really cannot check. This was a Texas car originally, so maybe it was shipped with the oil bath. Thanks to everyone who replied. I will look for the numbers.


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        What makes you think that that's not right for a '53 Commander? That's what's on my very original 53 Commander coupe.[^]

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          I believe the other post described it perfectly. Every one I have seen to date, and that is not many....had the dry air cleaner. If yours has this one, and it is original, must be right either way.


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            Isn't there another part to that air cleaner?