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need help!

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  • need help!

    i still cannot figure out when my 63 champ (pick up) would still run when the key is in the off position i just put in a new alternator a gm 3 wire (delco) and the only way the truck will shut off is if i unplug the alternator, and the amp warning light is working any ideas?


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    My guess would be the ignition switch, unless you have already ruled that out via testing with a volt/ohm meter. And if it isn't the switch, the run wire is still getting power from somewhere with the switch off. I also found this information on another board:

    The connections on the back of an alternator can be confusing, because the names vary between manufacturers. The exciter is sometimes called "field", and sometimes called "light". On the back of my trusty Delco, the exciter connection is labelled "1". Whatever the label, the exciter lead usually goes from the alternator to the + side of the spark coil.

    ... Connecting the exciter connection directly to the positive side of the coil can sometimes cause the engine to run on. With the ignition off, the spinning rotor can generate enough voltage to energize the coil. One way to check this is to pull the exciter connection off the coil or off the alternator while the engine is running and seeing if this causes your engine to stop. If this is your problem, you can prevent current from flowing "backwards" from alternator to coil by installing a diode in the line.

    If it's the exciter connection that causing your engine to run on, the simplest and least elegant way to solve the problem is to just yank the exciter connection. The drawback of removing the exciter connection is that you'll have to rev your engine to about 2k to get your alternator to turn on.
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      Ryan, I read your response on the other thread, that it's a GM 3-wire. Just a hint, once you start a thread on a topic, it's better to simply reply to your own thread than to start a new one.

      Sounds like you need to find the wire in the truck's harness that leads to the "charge" warning light, and connect that wire, and only that wire to the exciter connection on the back of the alternator, as described in fmarshall's post.

      Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands
      Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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        thank you all for the info i think i got it figrued out