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  • temperature sensor,

    I need some help on what should have been a 5 minute job. I ordered a new temperature sensor for my '63 hawk from Studebaker International. The old one came loose just fine but when it was almost out of the engine it was right up against the firewall. No matter what angle I tried, I could not get it out.

    I finally broke off the little tab at the end of the sensor and was able to get the old one out. When I compared the old one to the new one, the new one was even longer.

    Is there a trick to getting this new one in the engine or is the trick to either 1) find a shorter sensor or 2) pull the engine.

    Option 2 seems a bit extreme to replace something so simple.


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    The temp sensor is screwed into a plate which is bolted to the back of the cylinder head. Take out the two bolts holding that on, remove it, clean up the gasket surfaces, put the new sensor in the plate, cement a new gasket to the plate and bolt it back on. Removing the plate gives you more maneuvering room.

    Terry Godkin
    27 Dictator sedan
    54 Commander hardtop