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65 Studebaker drivetrain

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  • 65 Studebaker drivetrain

    I just bought a 65 Studebaker with a Chevy engine and three speed with overdrive. Does anyone know what other transmissions will bolt up to this? In other words can I just bolt a Chevy bellhousing and Chevy transmission behind the Chevy engine, or is the bellhousing Studebaker specific?

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    Any Chevy bellhousing will bolt to the engine, however...

    You'll then have to fabricate a rear mount, clutch linkage, shift linkage, shorten/lengthen the drive shaft and install a new yoke.

    A Chevy transmission will not bolt to your current bellhousing and if it did, the pilot shaft would be of the incorrect length and diameter.

    The 3 speed/OD is actually a pretty good combination. Plenty of get up and go PLUS low revs and good fuel economy on the highway. I'm not sure what you could replace it with that would be better.

    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA


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      Thanks Dick, I was worried that the bellhousing was different. As far as the transmission goes, I was hopeing to get a 350 or 400 to replace the 283 that's in the car. I know how weak the three speeds are because I blew up three of them in my Hawk before I changed over to a T-10, so I wanted to get a stronger transmission for it.