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Distributor Wear

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  • Distributor Wear

    Have found the cause of the wear on the end of the distributor shaft. It has been rubbing on the rear main seal cap. In addition, the very end of the shaft just above the notch that fits in the oil pump was also worn on the same side. There was also wear on the very tip of the shaft on the same side. Looks like a new shaft is in order. Its hard to see if the notch in the oil pump is worn allowing the shaft to be move slightly to one side.

    Question. Do you think the oil pump should be rebuilt with new gears and shaft? I don't want to rebuild the whole motor and have the same wear on a new shaft. I'm sure the metal filings from the wear would not be good for the motor!

    Thanks for our advice.


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    The manual lists maximum acceptable clearances, and they can be measured with feeler gages. Something like 0.007 inch end play, and 0.005 inch max gear OD to housing, which also would tale into account for shaft-to-housing the way they describe testing it. And no scored parts.


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      T -

      Take the pump apart. It's the only way to tell if you need to rebuild or not!

      Check the shaft of the drive gear.
      Many are badly scored, for several reasons.

      If it were mine and the shaft is scored, replace the gears!
      AND...deburr the slot in the new shaft before installing it into the housing.



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        The other critical place to oil lightly are the vacuum advance weight pivots. These weights have been known to wear very quicky, fly off, jam, and cause complete ignition failure. When these eights jam mechanism, shear pin in distributor to oil pump connection will typically break.

        Paul R