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Horn on 63 Avanti

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  • Horn on 63 Avanti

    The horn on my 63 Avanti does not work. When you push the horn bars the horn relay under the hood does not click. I replaced it with one from another Stude known to be good (it is nice to have a fleet of Studes on hand for such experiments) and still no click. I even "ground" the relay in case it needed to be grounded. there is no fuse labeled "horn" in the fuse block and none is blown either. Guess that means I need to pull the steering wheel and replace the horn parts under it. Unless someone has another idea for me.

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    No fuse, but you can try grounding the wire to the ring to see if the relay clicks.

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      The problem is most likely between the steering column and the steering box. Unlike other Studes, the Avanti uses a rag joint to connect the box and the column. At this joint there is a copper strap that connects from the bolt on the steel part of the column to a bolt on the steel part of the box. This strap brakes for some reason. You can solder a couple lugs on a short wire and replace it.


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        I had the same problem on my avanti. It turned out to be the three prong plug on the wiring harness that plugs into the relay. One of the wires wasn't tight into the plug. I confirmed this by using a test light into the wire. I split the rubber cover with a utility knife, tightened the crimp and cured the problem. Unusual, but just one more thing to check. I had gone through the other suggestions first.