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Eliminating Under Seat Heater - 1958 Hawk

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  • 52-fan
    A member in Little Rock years ago had a very nice 53 Hardtop that was a heater delete car from California. It had a factory cover plate over the hole for the heater also. The must be a part number for it, but no one will see it if you make your own.

    1952 Champion Starlight, 1962 Daytona, both w/overdrive.Searcy,Arkansas
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  • Jeff_H
    I have seen a '53 sedan with no heater or defroster, the hole in the floor was covered with a plate. That plate had a rib stamped in it that matches the one in the stamped out depression in the driver side floor that is sort of a mirror image to the place on the passenger side floor where the heater core goes.

    That car is/was in a salvage yard up this way. Its laying on its side so the tranny could be extracted. Very little rust, so the lack of the heater/defroster makes me think someone drove it up from the "south" and junked it when winter came! Contrast with another '53 sedan in that yard that has 2 (!) extra aftermarket heaters mounted on the trans tunnel under the dash!!

    Jeff in ND

    '53 Champion Hardtop

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  • Dick Steinkamp
    I won't put the heater/defroster back in the ute either. I fabricated a plate to replace the heater core. Took maybe an hour (I'm slow [^]). Used the same fastners. Mine is out of aluminum because that's what I had, but 16-18 gauge steel would be good too.

    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA

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  • StudeMichael
    started a topic Eliminating Under Seat Heater - 1958 Hawk

    Eliminating Under Seat Heater - 1958 Hawk

    I pulled the under seat heater unit today on my 1958 Hawk and do not want it back. Did Studebaker have a plate that filled the hole in the floor board or did they cut the floor board out when they added the under seat heater? I looked in the body parts catalog and did not see a listing for a plate. Thank you for any feedback.

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