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  • Avanti radiator

    I'm bringing a Stude Avanti back to life for a friend of mine. Its been in storage since 1970 and as I go through it I am finding things that have just gone south from age or are marginal. The radiator has had one repair done from a fan blade getting too close. It is the original and I'm sure is on the marginal side. Does anyone still handle nos units or has anyone had one recored lately? My nephew used an aluminum version he got from Jegs and it worked and fit well. The price was right, about $200 but it doesn't look original. Any suggestions?

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    It can be recored, but they run about $400. Pickle the aluminum and paint it black.

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      Two-hundred dollars for an aluminum radiator seems like a whale of a price--wonder how close it looks to the original?



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        A friend just purchased one of the Jegs $189 all aluminum radiators for his 1972 Challenger. It appeared well made and the aluminum welds were some of the best I've seen. Of course the next lot could be entirely different.

        Karl uses one from Summit in his twin supercharged Avanti. It was discussed a while back, and he was kind enough to furnish the part number. Not sure what forum it was on.

        These radiators are not stock looking though.

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        Here are two links for some pictures and information.
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        Magazine Article
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          I had my original radiator redone (about 1-1/2 years ago), and it cost me about $250. I live in the SF By Area.

          I also had the surge tank redone. It cost a little more!! On a hot day - say 100 degrees, it runs cool, calm and collected.

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