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avanti pitman vs starter

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  • avanti pitman vs starter

    The pitman arm on my R1 avanti hits the starter. It has the heavy duty starter. The motor mounts (new) are in the holes located as far to the right as possible. The trans mounts are not new but they look ok. The fan will get pushed into the shroud if it is turned hard to the left. It has power steering. I was getting ready to rebuild the control valve when I saw this.
    Any suggestions? What am I overlooking?

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    This is a twenty year project (so far) that took 15 to just get drivable. The spring pockets were cracked a little and welded back up when the body was off. I have books but don't find which holes to set the mounts into on the frame. it won't clear at all if I set it in any farther to the left. I will check on the shim on the side of the auto trans. That may be the key. Bell crnk is tight and the control valve just slides along the side of the starter when the steering is all the way to the left, pushing the engine over slightly.


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      I went back under the Avanti last night and the pitman didn't hit the starter this time. Closer inspection shows some cracks in the rear mounts and I can move it with a pry bar. I will order new ones. The spacer is not there so I will add that. I found it in a can of parts. The front mounts were new and are still in good shape. They are in the correct holes. I understand that sagging mounts can affect shift points which don't seem right. It doesn't like to shift to third below 45 mph. I'll adjust that later per the manual.
      Thanks for the input. I never would have looked for that spacer.