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    Check out the above and garyash's analysis. He shows about a quart of oil/minute
    flows through a partial flow oil filter and about 1 part/million of paticles left after 60 minutes.

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      The oil filter can on the partial oil filters should never leak or have pressure on it.
      The factory installed an elbow fitting on the oil pump on the 6cyl. and on the drivers side
      front oil galley plug on the V8.
      The elbow fittings had very small hole so that less oil went to the filter can than can gravity drain back into the engine.
      So no pressure could built up unless the drain was plugged.
      This fitting was specially made for Fram (the manufacturer of the O.E.M. filters.)
      These fitting look just like standard fittings except for the tiny hole .
      You can solder the hole closed and drill a small hole
      I do not know the size of the hole.
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        I've often wondered just exactly how often and for what duration the bypass valve remains opened in a fullflow system. I tend to think this is a rare occasion, but what if it's more like 40% of the time? I have never read any info on this topic. And what about using a spinon filter on a partial flow system like hawk says? Does it really prevent drainback? Or is there a drainback valve built into the pump that takes care of it?


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          On a bypass filter system, it's supposed to drain back. An empty filter won't lead to starved bearings at startup because the bearings get oil direct from the pump.

          That's why the spin-on bypass filters (Fram PB50) are mounted base-down, so they will drain back, and make less of a mess when they are changed.

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          Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands