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64 Daytona Tire Selection for Road Racing

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    Dan, I was in the flag tower at Michigan International for two of their events. I wish I could have participated, but the cars I had at the time would never have passed a tech inspection . It was a rather unique group of cars starting with the novices which were usually new owners, or women in 5 series wagons and sedans. The instructors group at the other end of the spectrum had M3's, M5's, Porsche 911's an NSX, etc. I know one driver had a '72 2002Tii that I drulled over the whole weekend. I hope I get a chance to participate (maybe they do the schools at Sebring??? )

    Tom - Mulberry, FL

    1964 Studebaker Daytona - 289 4V, 4-Speed (Cost To Date: $2125.60)

    Tom - Bradenton, FL

    1964 Studebaker Daytona - 289 4V, 4-Speed (Cost To Date: $2514.10)
    1964 Studebaker Commander - 170 1V, 3-Speed w/OD


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      They, the BMWCCA, should have a web site with a calender of events and their locations. They used to do one at Sebring.

      Dan Miller
      Auburn, GA

      Road Racers turn left AND right.


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        I don't know much about the event. The track is putting it on in thanks for their 40th anniversary. I know of two groups, one with a pace car no passing and no helmets and a second with passing and helmets.