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Hawk seat spacers

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    When you pry up the rear of the seat, you change the leg room between the steering wheel and your legs. You also change the pitch of the seat cushion.

    I have been futzing around with tons of combinations, and have yet to find one seating position that is good for both Ellen and myself.

    There is also a difference in seating position between cars with and without Power Seats. The angle of the seat cushion tilts further backward and upward with PS over manual seats.


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      Were these placed under the carpet to hide them, or just on top of the carpet by the factory?


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        My 62 had wooden blocks under the front seats, and has a wooden block spacing the parking brake handle from the dashboard. I replaced the wooden blocks under the seats with grade 8 bolts and grade 8 fender-washers. Don't need the seats going anywhere.


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          Why would the factory bother shimming seats? Seems like more of a customer preference than anything else. Sounds like something more that a dealer would do for a customer.