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How do you get spring bushings out?

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    quote:Originally posted by 53k
    ....I can't wait to drive it to see if that FINALLY solved my annoying rattle in the right rear (too wet today to take it out of the barn and up a grassy hill). In the "before" pix below you can see where the shackle was rubbing on the frame, so I'm "cautiously optimistic"....
    Well, took the convert for a ride yesterday- only partial joy. The bad noise from the shackle hitting the frame is gone, but I still have an annoying rattle somewhere in the right rear. I have suspected exhaust pipe rattles, but could never make any part of the pipe hit anything when I'm on my back under the car. Maybe when I'm driving there is enough motion allowed by the motor mounts and the the tranny mount... I need to replace the exhaust anyhow. What's on there now is a muffler shop job- everything welded, wrong hangers, etc. So, Don Simmons, stand by for a call.

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      This hasn't been discussed for a while so I thought you might need an easy 5 minute solution.

      clamp it

      grind a little

      all done, ready to install in a new spring


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        Oh yeah..

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          Am I missing something here? I just got through disassembling the springs (both ends) on my 55 President State sedan. While the ends of the rubber are a little weathered, the rubber is sound and resilient. I'm not about to sweat blood to remove what appear to be perfectly good bushings. If they were worn, with the inner sleeve riding on the spring itself, I'd replace them, but otherwise, why? If they are loose, replace them if they are tight, leave 'em. Of course, the new rear springs will come with new bushings, none of the others will be changed.

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            Doggone it, Mapman. I did a double-take when I looked at those pics. Could have been taken in my shop. I have a very similar roller cabinet and top box, sitting right beside the workbench and vise in the same relative position.

            Thanks for the laugh!

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            Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands