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1955 224" V8 pistons needed

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  • 1955 224" V8 pistons needed

    Greetings, All,

    Am rebuilding the 224" V8 from my 1955 3/4t pickup. Any leads on 224" oversize pistons will be appreciated.

    thnx, jv.


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    Sorry, they are no longer available, just put in a 259 crank and new 259 + .020 or .030 oversize pistons and bore it to match, you can re-use everything else that is in good shape. Any size 224 piston is like hens teeth to find nowdays, & when you do, they are old leftover "STD" size that no one can use anymore.

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      If 224 is a must have, you could inquire here:

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        I scored a set of .040 over 224 slugs off ebay about a year ago. I watched them go thru the auction cycle without getting a bid at $150, then wrote the seller to ask if they could be had for less. Got them for $125. THEN SASCO ran an NOS 224 crank for 49.95 starting bid and that's what I won it for![^]

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          FWIW, I have used Egge Machine pistons in Packard V8s. They might be OK for a trailer queen show car which is only started to go on and off the trailer, but they are not suitable to a driver. They have to be fitted with at least .0035"-.004" clearance or they will run hot and scuff. Instead of Egge pistons, I will sleeve a block back to standard and re-use the old OEM pistons again.



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            Have you asked Maddog Racing and Fastengineparts? Their studebaker parts can be found at

            and more specifically, their 224 pistons are located at


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              FWIW, Maddog Racing and Fastengineparts is just an ebay reseller. He re-sells Egge Machine pistons and has nothing which is not available elsewhere at a lower cost.