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Brake drum question

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  • Brake drum question

    When it comes to a 1961 hawk brake drum (front & back) We want to turn the drum however the mechanic thinks it's to thin. What is the tolerance when it comes to these drums how thin is to thin?[8D] Or could I just take some 220 grit sand paper and sand it? I am replacing everything with new stuff except the drums.

    Studebakers forever!
    Studebakers forever!

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    Check it for out-of-round with a drum micrometer. If it needs to be machined, then replace it. If it is not out-of-round and just a little scufffed up, you may be able to get some over-sized linings.

    Either way, its dangerous to take brake componets beyond specifications. It's not just your safety, but everyone else on the road.

    63 Avanti R2, 4-Speed, 3.73 TT
    Martinez, CA


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      Should be pretty easy for a shop to figure out that the drums are 11" front and 10" rear. And they probably know that maximum oversize is .060". That's pretty much an industry standard. So have them measure the drums with their brake drum micrometer in three or four places around the drum circumference. If they are below the maximum limit and are not out of round, and not scored, you might be able to just scuff them up with sand paper.
      New or good used Studebaker drums are not always readily available. One could make a good argument against removing any metal if it isn't absolutely necessary.

      Dwain G.


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        Scuff them up with emery cloth if you are not going to turn them. jimmijim
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          The drums are not out of round, They have rust in them. I see a small line cut into the right rear. If push comes to shove I have a parts car and it has 4 drums on it. The front two are in great shape as I have seen them off the car. I did not know the stude hawk drums were getting hard to find, matbe I will get them off the junk yard cars that I have seen this spring. are they interchangable? between hawks and larks and such?

          Studebakers forever!
          Studebakers forever!


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            quote:are they interchangable? between hawks and larks and such?
            Yep. 6 cylinder cars had smaller drums though. Any turnable finned drums are worth something.

            Matthew Burnette
            Hazlehurst, GA