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torque on v-8 crankshaft bolt

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  • torque on v-8 crankshaft bolt

    the manual recomends 130lbs torque. engine is in car. car has automatic trans. i only get about 20lbs before the engine turns over. plugs are in, belts are on. still it turns over. i've been told that 130 lbs isn't needed.... but only 20lbs is quite a difference. the manual offers no proceedures. i must be missing something? i'm hoping this dosn't require dis-assembly. thanks in advance.

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    I like to jamb a hardwood hammer handle between the crank counterweight and the block to tighten that puppy. But since you don't have that option, I would get the flywheel tooth holding fixture, buy or maybe you could rent one.

    Or if you have access to an impact gun, you should at least get 80 to 100 Ft. Lbs. then be SURE you use a good lock tab (new ones are available) and securely lock the bolt. [:0]

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      On my stude with an automatic I placed a wide-bladed screwdriver into the fly wheel. the opening on my car is at the traney's right side. This held the engine from turning while I tightened the crank bolt.