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    ok well most economical coating, you mean the cheapest crap i can paint my car with that will work good. i would go for the moon dust!!!haha accually i have used a few and the last i used was a chassis black i purchased from crow burlingain. first i sand blasted the frame and used an epoxy primer then the chassis black. i liked the paint for the price. it covered well and was only like 35 dollars a gallon. i used about half a gallon on the frame and it turned out good for a driver. when i get back to the states i will try to post some pictures for everyone to see.

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      Speaking of rust, what does everybody do for the seat springs. I'm working on the back seat for my 64 Avanti. So far, I have spend about $100 on aluminum oxide (blast media). This piece is larger than my blast cabinet. I did put down a tarp in an attempt to recover the media, but you sure do loose a lot when blasting outdoors. Should this have been 'dipped'. I'm asking because I have only cleaned up the seat bottom. I still have the back to do!
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        KP, you say you don't understand what the topic is about but I aim to differ with your statement and do concurr that you have an understanding on the subject. Don't pretend being stupid at first in your post and then shower us with your brilliance on the subject No, it ain't brain surgery were talkin about and after reading all the posts I concurr that POR 15 and rust would be a marriage blessed by the heavens. Yeah right!!! Am I to think that it is not a good coating for clean un-rusted metal? Is it anything like the Bill Hirsch 'Miracle Paint"? I started this thread only to address and discuss rust. An issues that all folks who own antique car restoration projects are most likely to be concerned about. Some might have found the discussion to be good reading. Boring if you make a living addressing the pesky stuff. jimmijim
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          If you can get wax oil (wax oyl), get lots n put lots by for the future, it one of those things to fall in love with, it is i beleive parrafin/white spirit based, spray at high pressure into chassis rails/cavitys to create a fog, tends to thicken rather than dry out, my father bought a new mercedes in 1982, we waited nine months for it to arrive, in which time dad stocked up on wax oil, the ford it was to replace was only four years old, but fizzing away like alkaseltzer, this new investment was to never rust!, just imagine the old boys surprise when he got the new merc home, on a dry day of course, he pulled out the rubber plugs in the chassis to find those thoughtfull germans had already filled the darn thing to over flowing with wax oil. Didnt stop him though, he still has the car, 30k on the clock, garaged from new, not a mark anywhere, and no rust!!, but that stuff is good, ive used it on boat trailers, cant fault it.