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    Do a search for windshield on this site. There have been some lengthy discussions about installing windshields in the past. Luckily, I have not had to do a windshield install yet.

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      I have done this twice because the windshield I had has scracthes, you will have toput the rubber on the glass then put the moulding on the rubber then install the glass. You need two people.I used dishwashing liquid. I also got my rubber from SASCO.I had to tie a rope around the glass to keep it on, remember to use a rope in the channel that will not tear the rubber once you have the glass in place. It looks short because the rubber stretches[8D]

      Studebakers forever!
      Studebakers forever!


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        Yes it will stretch that much.Put it in sun for a while to heat it up.
        Someone here suggested GOJO handcleaner for install lube,that was the final trick that got mine in.[ A little Gojo on the stainless mldgs is a lot of help too]

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          I am laughing only because the rubber I recieved for my 56 wagon was the other way. To big. I think the repo compainies should get together and both adjust there sizes. Good luck. sounds like it will strech.

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            Looks like you have your work cut out for you, I like the 1961 hawks they are my favorite, I started with a basket case however now it's nearly completed. Thsi forum is very good for a hawk owner like yourself, there are some folks here that have done your car many times over, just be patient and read carefully. good luck!

            Studebakers forever!
            Studebakers forever!


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              It will fit. Do you have the shop manual? It looks like you're trying to put it in without the glass. No, No, No! Put it around the windshield first, then install as an assembly per the shop manual instructions.
              It looks like your trying to put it in before you complete your headliner. No, No, No!
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