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Heater wiring

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  • Heater wiring

    Well, it's about that time of year here where a heater is needed. My Scotsman has a '50's (has JUNE 1958 on the back of it. [:0]) aftermarket underdash setup in it, but the motot was burnt up when I got it. Plundering around the shop today, I found an identical one that works great. However, I have no idea as to how to wire it. I have a wire for power, a switch with 2 mounting posts, and the motor has two wires, one's a ground. How should I wire it up?

    Thanks guys! (always under construction)

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    The ground wire should go under one of the screws that mounts the motor to the heater, the other wire goes to one side of the heater switch and the other side of the heater switch should go to an in-line fuse and then the other side of the fuse should go to the ACC terminal of the ignition switch! Pretty simple!

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      Thanks Biggs. Ah, ya gotta love this place!

      Got it all back together and working fine. I drove it a few blocks down and back and was nearly sweating when I pulled in the drive! And it was on low too. [8D] (always under construction)