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64 grill/headlights???

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  • 64 grill/headlights???

    If one has a 64 Single-headlight front clip and wants to convert it to quad headlights, what needs to be done? I know the grill can be cut to accept the guad lights but what about the other stuff? I've heard about that the radiator support or inner fenders must be changed?

    I know earlier larks well, but 64 not so well.

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    The radiator support is the same. What is different is the fender inner panel that the headlamps bolt onto. One may be able to modify the inner panel by cutting the nessisary indentation to provide the clearance needed for the inner headlamps, or just order the nessisary parts from SASCO, drill out the nessisary spot welds & tack in the new panels. Part numbers 1358168-9, however only 1358168 is available per SASCO online @ $41.90. If one of the members in your area has one available, you could make a template & cut out your air deflector to suit.

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      I guess it goes without saying you'd also need the two headlight harnesses for 4-lamp cars.


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