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Pedal Stops and Heater Motor - 53 R5

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    Got ya Mr Biggs,,,, the speed is higher I suppose. My comment was aimed at the fact that the fan turned the correct direction. My supposition was that if the polarity were reversed on the motor it would spin the wrong way -- - NO?

    Anyway, I would like to try your Arvin 12v if you have one available.
    Send me the info, cost etc, to



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      In working with the blower and wiper motors for my '53, I found they are not polarity sensitive as far as direction they turn. I had them apart to clean, oil, and replace the rotted cloth wires and I found out they have a field winding in them instead of permanent magnets as found typically in the more modern motors. When you change polarity of the power lead to the motor, it also changes the field winding polarity since its hooked up in parallel with the motor rotor/brushes. Since BOTH the field and the rotor change polarity, the net change is nil to the motor and it goes the same direction either polarity of applied power. If it was a permanent magnet motor, the change in polarity would make it turn the other way since the magnets field direction does not change.

      I expect the motors using magnets came about since they probably use less current (no field winding to power) and high strength magnetic materials are available that were not 50 yrs ago.

      Jeff in ND

      '53 Champion Hardtop

      Jeff in ND