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Seized brakes

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  • Seized brakes

    My 52 Champion has sat for a month due to starter woes. Now the rear brakes have seized. What gives? I have had old cars before that sit all winter without this problem. Now what do I have to do?

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    Nothing. Just move it back and forth a couple feet each way while repeatedly jabbing and releasing the foot brake. You may have to get the stuck wheels on pavement or concrete if they're not.

    That should work, but if not, pull the wheel and give the drum a few hard whacks with a BFH. That WILL work.

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      If you have the abillity to check the wheel clyinders, one might have leaked. On the other hand, check your parking brake? If there is little tension when you pull, there is a chance that one or both of the mechanical locks on the shoes are stuck.

      Please do not attempt to drive it any distance if the parking brake is stuck, you run a good chance of a fire from overheating. I know.