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  • Gas Pedal hook-up

    I have just recently purchased a restored 1951 R-2 5 1/2 ton Pick-up and one of the few things that is not functioning properly is the gas pedal. It is very stiff and when I inspected the connections I noticed that it goes through the fire wall and connects to something I can't identify that is attached to the firewall above the exit hole and then goes to another connection attached above engine. My father has a 1949 pick-up which is not like this. It goes from the gas pedal directly out through the firewall and connects to the connection above the engine. Can anyone tell me what this might be or even if it is not a factory connection?

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    Could you post a picture to give me a better idea of what you are describing? By the way, your truck would be a 2R-5-12.

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      Jeff C; I sent you an e-mail to get the Parts Catalog picture printout.

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