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1953 Spring Specials

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  • 1953 Spring Specials

    Does anyone have the stats on how many Spring Specials were made in 1953?

    Spring Specials were the HTs that had the Bombay Red lower, Salem White upper, and the special flax colored vonyl interior.

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    AFAIK, these have not been tabulated. You, or someone else, would have to go through the production records and count them up. I think that the SNM would do this for an hourly fee. It may not be as bad as it first seems. You would only have to start looking at production records from about Feb. 1953 and go to the end of 1953 model production. You would only have to look at Starliner (K) models. These Spring Specials were popular when they came out, so there are probably more than one would think. Dealers liked them for their display stock.

    I know that most of what appear to be Spring Specials, that I now see at car shows, are fakes.

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    Gary L.
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