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Lark Saginaw steering box modifications

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  • Lark Saginaw steering box modifications

    It's getting to be the time of year in the upper midwest where all Studebaker work ceases for those of us without a heated garage

    Since it is getting cold out and I was trying not to watch the Nebraska/Texas game yesterday I was looking at parts books and had an interesting thought...

    I was looking at the illustrations in the Avanti parts book and noticed that the Ross (?) steering box in an Avanti used a shorter steering gear post with a flange.

    This made me think... has anyone every figured out what Saginaw steering parts would work if one wanted to modify their Lark Saginaw box? If the long steering shaft could be swapped out for a shorter unit then perhaps a tilt wheel could be added to a Lark.

    I have a couple of Lark steering gears in the garage out at the farm, a friend into Jeeps and Oldsmobiles said that it might be easier for a local shop to cut the steering shaft and have the end machined for a U-joint.

    What say you in the Studebaker universe?

    Jeff T.

    "I'm getting nowhere as fast as I can"
    The Replacements.
    \"I\'m getting nowhere as fast as I can\"
    The Replacements.