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Studebaker OD trans

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  • Studebaker OD trans

    Hello All,

    The studebaker Overdrive Transmission---manual shift.
    Does this transmission basically let the car "coast" when you let off the gas? Or does it stay connected to the rpm of the engine??


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    It free wheels when engaged.

    JDP Maryland


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      To expand a bit on what JDP said.

      With the handle pushed in, below 28 or so mph, if you let up on the gas, it freewheels. If it has shifted into overdrive,(over 28 or so) it does not freewheel.

      If you drive the car with the handle pulled out, it won't freewheel at any speed.

      Tom Bredehoft
      '53 Commander Coupe
      '55 President (6H Y6) State Sedan
      (Under Construction) 203 hrs.
      '05 Legacy Ltd Wagon
      All Indiana built cars


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        To answer your question - yes, it coasts (no drag on the wheels when you take your foot off the gas) until you reach 30MPH or thereabouts. Once you meet or exceed 30MPH and you let off the gas, the car will act as if it's a non-OD manual shift.
        If you let it slow to approx 27MPH, the governor contacts drop back off and now it freewheels (coasts) again.[^]

        Miscreant Studebaker nut in California's central valley.

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          Thanks to all--That helps--Regards Dan

          Things are going along (although too slow) well on my 57 Hawk Off frame restoration. The frame is done and painted a nice satin black. It's in great shape--ready to bolt parts back on to. I am painting the rear end now. I guess I'll spend the money and go with the new flanged axles that fairborm sells. The engine ( champion 185-sorry , I just could'nt part with it) will be completely redone, including balancing. My goal is to get it up to about 125 HP or so. There's one trhing for sure--there's a heck of alot of parts to a car--Regards Dan


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            FWIW, others in somewhere in Studedom may have experienced it, but I've personally never seen or heard of a Champion breaking a tapered axle. For three years, I drove a '56 Flight Hawk as hard as it is physically possible on the street and it never broke an axle.

            thnx, jack vines.