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voltage regulator 1962

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  • voltage regulator 1962

    I just bought a 1962 hawk and the voltage regulator worked sometimes when it felt like it( hit a good pothole,kick it down to passing, that sort of stuff) so I bought a replacement from studebaker international(#1555237) the origional was auto-lite vbo4223f. hooked it up carefully BUT I started the car BEFORE I polarized the generator. then I polarized the generator(car running). It worked great till I shut it off and realized my mistake. Next time I srarted it no charge, tried polarizing when the car was off, no luck. did I kill the new regulator ?? and how would I know??? HELP!!

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    I suspect your problem may be elsewhere. According to my old Motor manual that reg number is externally grounded field(I don't ever remember seeing a externally grounded autolite but that what the book says) This means to polarize you would momentarily connect a jumper from the Batt. to Gen or
    Arm terminal. If it was running and charging I can't see it doing anything as these two terminals are connect when it's charging with cut out relay closed.