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early and late 51 commander fuel pump stand

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  • early and late 51 commander fuel pump stand

    I tried the search and didn't find anything. Can anyone tell me the difference in the early 51 and late 51 V8 fuel pump stand. The part # is different. I need one for my 53. One for a 51 is on ebay, but I don't know if it is an early or late. Will either work on the 53? The push rod is the same on 51-54. Thanks

    Tex in Alabama
    53 Coupe

    Tex E. Grier

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    The late one will have an air baffle flange up high, and about halfway around the front of the pipe. The correct cap should have a 'skirt' on the back side too. The change was made I think to prevent air flow from drawing oil vapor up out of the pipe.

    Dwain G.
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