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  • engine Serial Number

    I have a 1959 Lark. according to the Studebaker International catalog the engine serial number for my 6cly. should start with LS - 5201 and it should be located on the top left of the cyl. block. The number I found there is S39334. I did locate another number right above the oil pan about in the middle of the block (5489654). Can anyone tell me what this means?

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    Yes, I see there is more than one engine number in the wrong column in that catalog. LS-5201 is actually the starting number for a '58 Packard Hawk. Everything in that bottom row should be moved up one space. So a '59 Lark 6 would start with engine S10001 or SC10001. Your car probably has its original engine. The other number found lower on the block is the casting number for 1959-60 blocks.

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      thank you so much.