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    I have what I believe is a SN60 but looks like it was serviced by Paxton some time ago and they put on a new sticker with out the model designation! The serial number is VS576105824. IT IS NOT A VS57!! It looks identical to a SN60 in other pictures and does not have the 57 metal identifier on it. This is a double v belt pulley system

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      Do not have a file to send you. It is identical to another SN60 on a R3 that I have a picture of. I know they also made a few SN62 during that time that looked almost identical to the SN60 but were used for racing and at the bonneville runs. Would also like to know by the serial number when it was made. Sorry about not being able to send a picture. Believe me it looks like a SN60. Thanks


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        It's probably an old VS 57 that was converted to a static drive. This was done quite often to eliminate the variable ratio pulley..

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          Sounds like a good explanation. The unit was changed to a short nose by doing this. Looks identical to a SN60. The Serial number VS576105824 probably stands for VS57 the 61 I am guessing is the year made (this would have been very late in production. and 5824 the unit number made in that year. This is just a guess on my part. I know that the SN60 came out in 1962 maybe this was one of the early ones that were stationary and not variable?


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            While on the topic of blowers...

            I've got a VS57 here. Serial number is OVS57C 10498. I've 'heard' that it's a unit sold straight from McCullough, with an updated spring rack. (From 12 to 14 springs). Any ideas on this one?

            Matthew Burnette
            Hazlehurst, GA